212 Screenworks


I Am.. is a children's affirmation board book inspired by a collection of original paintings entitled STELLAR by contemporary artist Bobby K. Hill and written by Cierra Monè.


Bobby K. Hill (b.1973), is the NYC based visual artist whose work combines a blend of pop imagery, graffiti and expressionist elements. Bobby began his career as an illustrator, but his interest in screenprinting as an artform began after researching Andy Warhol whom he encountered at a concert at the age of 6.

STELLAR is a story of getting back to the basics in order to move forward and rediscover who I am as a visual artist. To me, this meant using my life as the subject matter. Taking more time than usual to create each piece and being very deliberate with the composition. Painting with the brush rather than drawing with the brush. Scraping away layers of paint and collage materials that’s been building up on each found wooden panel over the last ten plus years. Working with common house paints as my main choice of medium... and purposely limiting myself to using a small stock of paintbrushes I purchased a few years ago from a recently passed away friend. He found them while dumpster diving at a local art university. Although I’m known for my mixed media screenprints, creatively I believe there are other levels to ascend to. Here I begin at STELLAR -Bobby Hill


Cierra Mone is a NYC poet, dancer and Mental health advocate. Born and raised in the upper west side of Harlem where it’s a norm to be “hard” to the core. She is mostly known for being a soft spoken woman of few words. Fear of being judged and misunderstood caused her to spend most of her childhood on mute. Being filled with  suppressed emotions took a major toll on her mental health as she began to grow into a young adult. Her silence and solitude has filled her up with meaningful words and lead her to other outlets of self expression. She has helped to heal many people while on the journey to finding her voice and healing herself. As she shares her experiences and fills others up with what she lacked as a child, she hopes to have a positive impact on every live she touches.